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Music Monday!!!

I love music Monday…..

I love Music….

In the past two weeks, I have come across two AMAZING woman. One is Danielle, it’s not illegal for me to say her name because I didn’t mention her last name,. 🙂 She is an incredible and empowered woman who came to me at 37 weeks gestation, being pressured my Doctors to induce labor. She called me, heard I might be able to help. She had some pre existing medical conditions that made her pregnancy “high risk.” Due to liability and malpractice CRAP, for lack of a better word, they tried to induce her, on a FRIDAY, of course, the most popular day for induction, sighting the incredible documentary by Rikki Lake, “The business of being born.” If you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, WATCH THIS MOVIE!! Order it today and then share it with your friends. Fridays are popular days for induction. I told Danielle when she called that the chances of acupuncture induction working at 37 weeks gestation were only about 70% and that, with her condition ,I thought it best for her to listen to her Doctor’s and do the best thing for healthy Mom healthy baby.

I also whispered that if she wanted help, leave the hospital, tell them NO , you can do that you know….ssshhhhh……and come talk to me. I knew with a little more time, I could help her. Acupuncture at late stage of pregnancy releases oxytocin, not in the amount or at the strength of IV Pitocin but it’s enough to kick start. The long and short of it is that Danielle and her partner ( not her husband mind you, she’s SO BRAVE AND STRONG), Danielle and her LOVER, her boyfriend, the Father of her son, decided together to leave the hospital and go home. She had two acupuncture treatments, along with some other suggestions from me and within 48 hours of treatment 2, she was in natural labor. She had a beautiful, 8 hour natural birth……after walking away from triage, Doctors and DRAMA twice, she listened to her body and did what was best for her and her son. Her some was over 9 lbs btw, and more than ready!!!

After the news of Danielle’s beautiful birth, I then went to my other job at a detox clinic and met a young Mom, detoxing from alcohol. The story was no less than riveting and she was desperate. During her divorce, her husband sued for custody and she couldn’t handle it. I can tell you that after my own divorce, the thought of losing my children or even having them go to their Dad’s for a weekend, makes me cringe. I might add my ex to my grateful list tomorrow, for allowing me to continue being a Mom, even though we’re divorced. Mom’s of any mammal type are territorial, we might be a little crazy and emotional, we might seem over the top but we are the Mama Bear! Have you ever seen an angry Mama Bear??? Taking her cubs away isn’t the best idea… It’s not normal for a Mom to not be with her children, when we bear a child, we NEED them, even if we don’t seem capable, taking them away is painful. This young Mom said to me, through tears, she said, I know we al have to deal with what we’re handed and learn to cope but I just can’t, I can’t cope.

After thinking of this girl in detox, watching her pain and seeing her tears, thinking of myself and what I’ve been through and then getting that beautiful message from Danielle, who was so strong in her birth and is clearly very strong in her life….. I was just thinking about how we are all so amazing, every single one of us is amazing. We HAVE TO COPE, even when we think we can’t, we have to. Life makes it really hard sometimes but we have to continue getting up and making it happen.

As I was thinking all of this, a song came on the radio….and this was it. I’m not familiar with the singer but I love how music and can just speak to me. It was the perfect song in the perfect moment….from now on, when I need a little boost on one of those rough days, I’m listening to this!

Keep your head up, keep smiling this week…. my grateful list is tomorrow!

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