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Relieve Pain: Does Acupuncture Work?

Learn why acupuncture might be the best pain reliever for your body aches and pains By Emily Laber-Warren, Photography By Alessandra Petlin

Kimberly Adams was training for her first triathlon when she felt a sudden and excruciating pain in her neck. A social worker and mom of two, she suspected that toting around her 7-month-old daughter might have contributed to the injury. Adams saw a doctor, who ruled out a pinched nerve and sent her to a chiropractor. An x-ray showed nothing structurally wrong and the chiropractor made some adjustments, but the pain persisted.

Desperate, Adams, 33, turned to acupuncture. And on her third visit — after 3 weeks of unremitting pain — something radical happened. The acupuncturist wiggled a needle in Adams’s calf while massaging the painful muscle in her neck; the neck muscle began to relax, and 40 seconds later it felt better.

“Literally the next day, the pain was completely gone,” Adams says.

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