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What is "community acupuncture?"

Community Acupuncture is an opportunity to make Acupuncture and natural healing modalities, affordable for everyone. For our basic treatment, we charge $40-65 and you pay whatever you can. Some people in our community can afford $65 and they pay it, others pay $55 and yes, there are some who pay $40. There's no judgement, we all take care of each other, in a community way. 
I've been a Doctor of Oriental Medicine for 20 years and this way of charging my patients has always worked, for the benefit of everyone!

If you'd like to make an appointment for ACUPUNCTURE we do all of our scheduling online,

For a private consultation for nutrition, herbs, or supplements, please email Kasie at 

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405 2nd St. SOUTH

Suite A
Safety Harbor, Florida 34695

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