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The Community Difference

Kasie and Melonie were both huge fans of the community acupuncture movement. It is a movement that strives to make acupuncture affordable for everyone. We practiced that way for many years and we loved it so much.

Then, the COVID crisis came along and despite the many options for rebuilding and adapting to this new world, we had to settle on what would work for us. Calm Community Acupuncture's patient load is down about 50% and that's a lot for a business that had a tight margin to begin with. We made the decision to lower overhead by moving to a smaller place (October 1st, 2020). 

We are going back to treating one person, in one treatment room, at a time. 

It's a slower pace, it feels very different but it's working and we believe that we, and our patients, are safer for it, going forward. 

The most important thing for us was making sure that everyone who needed treatment could still get treatment, we want EVERYONE to be able to afford acupuncture. This helped us to decide that sliding scale is still an effective tool, pay what you can and know that if you pay the higher part of the scale, it will ensure that those who can't afford to pay that much can still get treatment.


We've settled on a sliding scale of $40-65 for a basic acupuncture treatment. 

If you are a couple, or two family members, living in the same household, you can come in together to save money, we can treat two people in the room - but only those who feel safe together and two is the maximum. Two people together is $50-65, sliding scale. 

We hope this works for all of you and as always, if you need acupuncture and you are struggling financially ( especially due to terminal illness) please, don't hesitate to reach out, we can always find a way to help you, no matter what. 

Another thing to note is that in the old space, you could always rest as long as you wanted, I hate nothing more than having to wake someone who is in a deep slumber, however, we can no longer accommodate our 2 hour nappers, sad I know! We will let you rest as long as we are able but generally speaking 50 minutes will be the max, unless you are the last patient of the day and then, that might stretch to one hour. 

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