What’s community acupuncture? Read more.

If you’d like to schedule a private consultation with Kasie Carlson, for nutrition, supplements or herbal remedies, OR for a private acupuncture treatment, email her directly at safetyharboracupunk@gmail.com

New Patients

Please download our new patient form and fill out BEFORE your appointment.

At Calm Community Acupuncture, community acupuncture is our main focus, but if you are interested in other services, like consultations for nutrition, or private acupuncture treatments, please email to safetyharboracupunk@gmail.com to schedule these appointments outside community hours. Read more here.

I accept a sliding scale payment, just $30-$55 per treatment. YOU, the patient, decide what YOU want to pay on our sliding scale. It is your choice of what to pay on the sliding scale, no questions asked. Community Acupuncture allows the patient to afford treatment more often AND it uses the treatment time wisely. There is also no alarm going off, you can rest as long as you want.

It’s different, I know, but I think you’ll like it and your bank account will definitely appreciate it!

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