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Kasie Carlson, DOM, AP, MSOM

East West College of Natural Medicine, B.S., Natural Medicine;
Masters, Oriental Medicine
Clinical Externship Health South Rehabilitation
Columbia College Chicago, Bachelor of Arts, Musical Theater
Certified Doula and Fertility Specialist

“An acupuncture treatment from Kasie is different than any acupuncture that you may have experienced before. Kasie is an intuitive healer and she allows her intuition to guide her treatments.  You can feel her healing energy from the moment she begins your treatment. Kasie is a true healer. “

Kasie Carlson’s health care philosophy is one of personal responsibility of her patients and of herself, she believes in patients being advocates for their own healthcare. Her commitment to Acupuncture and Natural Medicine is exemplified in her own personal healthcare and that of her children, combined with her clinical practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Kasie is the owner of Calm Community Acupuncture, Inc. in Safety Harbor, Florida. She works full time as a practitioner of TCM. Growing up in Michigan, she was never exposed to Natural Medicine, then, she moved to California and was exposed to acupuncture for the first time back in 1998.  After just one treatment, she wanted to learn more, began to research this ancient healing art and soon left her acting career in California and starting studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at the East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota, Florida. As a graduate student, Kasie focused her clinical specializations in gynecological disorders, infertility, and anxiety/depression, she learned quickly how effective acupuncture and herbal medicine can be in combating these syndromes. 


Kasie has supplemented her training with extensive training in Labor and Delivery, becoming a Doula, certified by DONA, and trained by Candy Mueller, the Bay area’s premiere Doula trainer. She has attended numerous births and is always on call to help new Moms with nursing, lactation assistance, and post partum depression. Her nutritional knowledge is extensive. Having 3 children of her own has provided her with unparalleled abilities to understand and treat the youngest of patients, including babies! ​

Kasie is a great public speaker and she loves to be in front of a crowd. She has spoken at Morton Plant Hospital regarding acupuncture's effects on MS symptoms and she has spoken directly to many of the local support groups for MS. Kasie also spoke at USF for fibromyalgia awareness week. She treats numerous patients suffering with ALS and has directly addressed the ALS support groups in the Bay Area. Kasie was asked to address the women of the Tampa Bay Community, through Morton Plant Mease’s Month of the Woman, where she was able to articulate the many ways that women can take charge of their health, naturally.

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