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Sliding Scale

Affordable Acupuncture

Just $40-65 per treatment

Most Acupuncture Physicians in America charge $75-$110 per treatment. I don’t know about you, but most Americans are not in a position to afford over $400 per month for acupuncture! Especially when this payment only allows 4 treatments per month. 

In our minds, we feel like that makes acupuncture, a treatment that is only available to the very wealthy in our society, we believe it should be available to everyone. 

 We accept a sliding scale payment, just $40-$65 per treatment.  


YOU, the patient, decide what YOU want to pay on our sliding scale! It is your choice of what to pay on the sliding scale, no questions asked.

Acupuncture Session

We do offer back treatments, on the table, for those who feel like that's what they need. 

This does require changes to the room and more time in treatment for you, we always use cupping and light massage as part of our back treatments. 

These treatments are $75 and are reserved for established patients only. 

I charge by the hour for nutrition and herbal consultations, $120 per hour and zoom is available. 

Feel free to email me for more information or for any questions.

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