Sliding Scale, Affordable Acupuncture!

Most Acupuncture Physicians in America charge $65-$110 per treatment. I don’t know about you, but most Americans are not in a position to afford over $400 per month for acupuncture! Especially when this payment only allows 4 treatments!

In order for Acupuncture to be successful, it needs to be consistent and often. In order to accommodate that, I accept a sliding scale payment, just $20-$45 per treatment.


YOU, the patient, decide what YOU want to pay on our sliding scale! It is your choice of what to pay on the sliding scale, no questions asked.

  • First Treatment: $30-$55

  • Regular Treatment Fee: $20-$45

  • Additional Treatments within one week: $20-$45

I offer private consultations and private treatments as well, for those that feel like that's what they need. A private acupuncture treatment is $75 and is reserved for established patients only. I charge by the hour for nutrition and herbal consultations. Feel free to email me for more information or for any questions.

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