What We Offer

Our primary focus Calm Community Acupuncture is, of course, community style acupuncture. It's acupuncture that is administered with minimal intake time, minimal, discussion, in a recliner chair. It makes it efficient and simple and we don't have to charge what other clinics charge for their treatments.

You schedule here for an appointment in the community clinic and the hours are posted on this website.

Community acupuncture is charged on a sliding scale, it's $30-55 per treatment, with an added $10 fee your first time only. This type of treatment is designed to make acupuncture affordable to ALL PEOPLE in our community. Everyone gets the same treatment and you pay whatever you can afford.

Click here to read more about community acupuncture!

Other Services Offered

The following is a list of other services offered, here at Calm Community Acupuncture. To make an appointment for these specialized treatments, please email Kasie directly at and we will make the appointment, outside of community hours.

We have two Doctor's of Oriental Medicine available for you. Kasie and Melonie. Read more about us here.

In the event that a patient needs more attention, more time to discuss their concerns, or if they need to have a consultation virtually, we can provide that! 

We do offer private treatments. If you'd like to schedule a private treatment, just send an email to and we will get you on the schedule! 

  • Private room acupuncture with one hour in a private space for your treatment, this may include a back treatment, cupping, moxa or e-stem $75

  • Consultation to spend one hour discussing concerns and seeking advice on supplements, nutrition and herbal medicine. $120

  • Lifestyle consultation, also available virtually, with 30, 60 and 90 minutes coaching sessions to help with transformations, nutrition or questions you may have about functional and natural medicine options. Learn more here.



I can’t begin to express mine and my family’s gratitude for Kasey’s care of my Father. She takes the time to make him feel at ease, welcomes him with a warm hug and addresses all of his health concerns. He has been suffering from seizures for quite some time now and after just three sessions, he is seizure free. She has turned a skeptic into a believer in Chincese medicine. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, generosity and understanding.

I was recently diagnosed with patello femoral syndrome and in great pain whenever I bent my left knee. Just took my first treatment this morning and I’m sitting her typing without pain for the first time in weeks. I’ll update everyone but I think this is going to be my anser to the terrible pain. Thanks Kasie!



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