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Feed Your Soul Sunday

Driving home from Church this morning….the sky was so blue…the breeze cool….and it was very quiet. There was no traffic.

I had my coffee in hand and my girls were peaceful in the back of the van. I did one of my favorite things, I looked at each one separately in the rearview mirror and gave each one their own wink and ” I love you…”

The silence was so peaceful. It reminded me of doing something that I don’t think anybody does anymore. On a Sunday afternoon, we used to “go for a drive…”

Have you ever done that? My grandparents would say, “let’s go for a drive…” We always brought a thermos of coffee and we just drove. We talked about life, we sang a few songs, acapella, of course….my grandma and grandpa would harmonize as we drove….I’m sure we seldom went over 30 mph on these drives, they were out in the country. We looked at changing leaves or melting snow….we remembered that old house they once lived in, talked about the old man who lived down the road and we just drove….

My thoughts led me to bike rides with my best friend Jennifer. We would leave on our bikes, on a Sunday, after church, and not come home until dinner. We didn’t have “snacks” or bottles of water to stay hydrated, we didn’t even think about food. We rode….we talked….we sang and we LAUGHED. I don’t know where we went, I just know that it was AWESOME….

I’m now afraid to let my almost ten year old daughter ride her bike where I can’t see her.

I struggle to go more than 10 minutes without looking at my phone.

If I went for a drive, I’d be hurrying, yelling at the car in front of me for going to slow, I’d be on my way to get something done.

Texting, texting, texting…eating eating eating…..

My life is so busy, I mean so busy. It’s really really hard to stop, just STOP. Breathe, take it in… I learned from a really great man that everyone, even those of us who are SO BUSY, everyone, needs RECOVERY. I try to focus on that and get the recovery that I need but after today’s thoughts, I’m going to do something different. I usually go to a yoga class or have a glass of wine with a friend. Not today, I’m going to try something new, well, old….but new.

I challenge you to try just one of these 5 things this week as part of your recovery. I promise it will feed your soul ….

1. Go for a bike ride, alone, without your cell phone and just enjoy.

2. Write a letter, on really cool paper and send it to your best friend in the mail.

3. Go for a walk with your best friend and talk. Leave your cell phone at home, I dare you.

4. Go for a drive out in the country with no agenda, no where to get to, just to look at the trees and relax, no cell phone!

5. Shut off your phone, make a cup of tea or coffee and sit, in silence for a half an hour. Just think, just be…

I don’t think that technology is a bad thing. In fact, I think it’s amazing and I’m so glad to be a part of it. However, I do think we need to learn how to shut it off now and then and just be still within ourselves. While I was writing this, I came across this amazing woman on you tube, she is 105 years old!! She reminds us to think positive thoughts and don’t stress out about things that you can’t control.

Let’s all try to be a little less stressed this week, I’m off to ride my bike, without my phone. 🙂 Happy Sunday…

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