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Holiday Weight Loss?? We’ve got you!

I’m so serious when I tell you that our weight loss program WORKS. We’ve just completed another 6 week session and one amazing lady lost 20 lbs! More importantly though, each of the others in the group either changed dramatically, changed perspective, lost weight or, at the least, they’re feeling transformed.

What’s changed for the better!

Now that we’ve had 3 full groups of people, we have learned so much! We’ve tweaked a few things here and there and even come up with a continuation program for anyone who has been a part of the program!

The clinic, Calm Community Acupuncture, has undergone some construction and it is awesome! Our two little treatment rooms are now one big room and we can fit 10-12 people in there at a time. What this does for the weight loss program is that it allows anyone who was a part of it previously, to come in for a group session anytime they need a tune up! It’s awesome and making us so happy. It’s making our previous participants happy too.

We’re becoming an official, ongoing support group and let’s face it, we ALL need a support group!

Holiday Weight Loss Program

We are starting Session 4! We are taking just 6 people and we’re taking you right through the holidays. Hypnosis during the holidays, unlimited acupuncture, during the holidays, once a week group hypno-puncture through November and into December.

By the way, we already have 2 signed up so we are actually only taking 4 more.

This session will be on Monday evenings from November 6th to December 11th. 

Gary Urso, our certified hypnotherapist will install the “virtual” gastric band, while you’re under hypnosis. You’ll have private sessions with Gary, with Kasie, and you’ll have unlimited acupuncture in the community clinic, during the 6 weeks.

Do you want to know more? COME TO AN INTRODUCTION!! The introduction provides you with a presentation about the program, an acupuncture treatment, an experience with hypnosis, AND fun!

We are offering two introduction classes, 6 people in each. We charge $75 for the introduction. These presentations are Monday, October 16th, and Monday October 23rd, both at 6PM, at Calm Community Acupuncture, in Safety Harbor. Contact us if you want to attend one, email or call 727-744-4245 and leave a message, to reserve your spot.

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