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Wow, end of a REALLY busy shift and feeling super empowered, maybe it’s all the Katy Perry I’ve been listening to 🙂

I went to look at houses for rent today, if anyone out there in blogger land knows of a 3/2 for rent, preferably a 6 month lease, let me know! I’m looking to simplify and save in 2014, it’s a big lofty goal for me, and I’m ready to make it happen. I’m looking, I’m on a mission and I’m letting the Universe take me where I’m meant to be.

Grateful grateful grateful…..I was walking today, in the park and came up with a great list in my mind… we’ll see if I an reiterate it for you

1. Philippe Park, I’m grateful for Philippe park. It’s so beautiful and serene. It has water and wilderness, parks, hills and just pure nature smack in the middle of Safety Harbor. I can do the perfect half hour walk there and see the Florida Oak’s hanging with moss while watching the fish jump and the dolphin play …. all in total silence, anytime of day. I’m grateful that Pinellas County is now allowing a huge percentage of the park to grow wild and letting it feel more like authentic Florida!

2. Good friends, I’m grateful for old friends and new friends. I was at a Community Acupuncture workshop over the weekend and I had a friend there that’s a 20 yr friend and others who I just met. One who was in my wedding more than 10 years ago, a few that I shared acupuncture school with and some who I just got to know over the weekend. I know people who don’t have a lot of friends, or they only have friends from right now, where they are, they can’t hold a solid relationship with those from their past. I’m so grateful that I can! The old friends are the ones I love the best, but the new remind me that life continues and that I change and grow and they see the new in me. Old friends or new friend, FRIENDS are the best.

3. I’m grateful for babies! I wanted a picture of me with the yummy baby that I was holding and playing with during the conference all weekend but I didn’t get a picture. This weekend, my cousin is coming to Florida and giving me the honor of watching her sweetness all day next Monday and there will be pics!! I have a patient, who I love, who is a blog follower, who is 9 weeks pregnant right now, and I can’t WAIT for her to have this baby and hold it and love it and I’m fully planning to babysit and know this child….babies are incredible new life, they are the proof that no matter how bad things seem, we go on….WE GO ON….

4. Red red wine…I love wine. Wine makes me happy! It’s uber important to make sure that I don’t go over board with it. I have, a few times in my life, maybe more than a few, and it’s not worth it! Even though, I have to watch my consumption, I LOVE to pour that yummy red into a beautiful glass and enjoy every last drop 🙂 Yesterday, I had a glass, just one glass, on the beach, and it was heavenly… I know there are people out there who cannot control their consumption and I’m proud of those who abstain and know their limits. I do not have a problem controlling my consumption. I love to have one or two glasses a day. More than that is TOO MUCH, if you can keep it to one or two glasses, it makes the world a better place 🙂 YUM….

5. Do you take Vitamin D3?? Oh My GRACIOUS, I am so grateful for my D3….it keeps me feeling NORMAL. I saw research showing that 85-90% of America is D3 deficient!!!!??? Are you kidding me? That’s the whole population, so you need it, here’s the one I take and love , it’s not the cheapest one on the market BUT, I feel a difference when I take it, so I know it’s a good one. Also, it lasts forever, I’ve had mine for a year. I also like that it’s only 1000 IU’s per drop, giving me the freedom to take as much or as little as I want. If you need help with your D3 dosage, come see me at Calm and I can help, or talk to your Doctor. There is no reason not to order some today and take it EVERY DAY….you NEED IT!

6. Amazon Prime!! I am so grateful for Amazon Prime. I know people talk about other tv and movie companies but I kept trying those and they never had what I wanted. I cancelled my $50 plus a month bill for cable and now use only Amazon Prime, I found an awesome deal on a 30 day free trial if you click the link above! I love saving money on a cable bill and having whatever show my kids want or whatever movie I want, when I want it….I should make this one that I’m just grateful for the internet, what did we do before the internet??

7. Halloween Candy….bad bad bad…..I know! It’s late at night though and when I’m exhausted and a little cranky, that giant bowl of candy that’s on top of the fridge ( where the kids can’t reach it) is not only calling my name but making me smile….what’s your favorite Halloween Candy?? List it list it!! I can’t wait to hear, tonight, I was ALL ABOUT the skittles…..

8. Yummy smelling candles…..I LOVE candles but I love them even more when they are made by my cousins in Traverse City, MI….my favorites are Lake effect and Morning Wood ( yup, that’s what they called it… hilarious! ) Order yours today, right here from Leelanau Candle Company, the Fouch girls know how to make candles 🙂

9. Clean sheets….is that a ridiculous thing to be grateful for? I LOVE getting in my bed when the sheets are crisp and clean AND I love it when I’ve just washed all the sheets at my clinic….it makes me feel so productive but it’s so rewarding too….I’m 5 minutes from climbing into clean, crisp sheets ….

10. Fresh Eucalyptus , I went to a store yesterday with Fresh Eucalyptus on sale for $4.99, what a deal, it smells so fresh and it looks really beautiful and holidayesc…. It’s one of my favorite essential oils too, how can you NOT love that smell…

That’s my grateful list! Will I ever run out of ideas for that list? I hope not and I LOVE doing it. I am determined to write an amazing post about acupuncture this week, so keep your eyes peeled for that and I can’t wait to hear from all of you! Drop me a comment and say hello, have a great week!

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