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I feel like I just did this post two days ago, is it already Tuesday again? Wow, the past week has been a total blur for me! I’ve been so busy working, planning Halloween costumes, going to trunk or treat at the kid’s school, helping my second grader with her report that’s due this Thursday and it’s not even Halloween yet!

I think being busy is good though, it gives me less time to think about me 🙂

Here is my gratitude list for the week, as always, PLEASE, share what you are grateful for in the comments!! I love to read yours, it makes my week brighter!

1. My oldest daughter …. she has taught me so much! She will always be a little different than her sisters, in that, she was first. It was just her and I for a little while and that time is so precious in my memory. She is truly a free spirit and when she starts laughing, it’s the most free and uninhibited laugh you can imagine. I love her ability to completely negate her responsibilities in order to have fun. She can totally forget about her assignments that need to be turned in, her messy bedroom and her chores and just get lost in her imagination. It’s my job as a Mom to teach her how to be more responsible and how to be a bit more concerned with the things that need attention but I hope she never loses that ability to just let go, relax, have fun, laugh and smile….my sweet girl….

2. I am grateful for reading the recent article on Kate Hudson in Shape Magazine last week.  She looks absolutely amazing and she’s so authentic in everything she says and does. The one thing that she said in the article that I read was how even if you’re a raw food vegan, eating all the right stuff, you still have to stick to 1500 – 1800 calories a day, if you want to stay thin. So true! Reading it totally motivated me and helped me get back on track. I have been slowly gaining little by little pound by pound for the past 2 months and no matter what I tried, no matter how much I worked out, that extra few lbs that I had collected wasn’t leaving me! I finally started counting calories again after reading the article and OMG!! I was WAY over eating and now, other than the fact that I’m starving, I’m feeling so much better and those pesky 3-4 lbs are falling off…Thanks Kate Hudson for the tip!

3. Jersey Cotton Caftan by Natori!!! When I was up in Northern Michigan over the summer, I saw my cousin wearing one of these, when she came down for breakfast in the morning and I thought it looked like the most comfortable thing I could imagine putting on my body! I then was skimming through the Oprah magazine and there it was! Of course Oprah lives in these and loves them. I then went for an online search and here they are! I can’t WAIT to get one….

4. I am grateful for the blog Oh She Glows! It’s my favorite recipe blog and THIS is what I’m making today for dinner! In the comments please tell me your favorite blogs, I’m always looking for new ones to follow!

5. I’m grateful for THIS BLOG, mine! I’ve almost completed my first official month of blogging and I’m loving it! It’s very therapeutic for me and I can’t believe that I’m finding the time for it but I am, it’s like someone gave me a gift, just the chance to do this….

6. I’ve not been a big Aveda fan in the past but this line of Aveda Invati products is tremendous….I have really fine, weak, thin hair and it gets damaged so easily. This product is like a miracle for my hair. I gave you a link for the whole line, it’s pricey but you only use it once or twice a week and it’s worth every penny, plus it’s Aveda, so it smells heavenly…..

7. I’m grateful for Michelle and Nona, the Acupuncture Physicians who work at Calm Community Acupuncture with me. They are so eager to work hard and help me out and I couldn’t make it through without them.

8. My Mom… have I said that before? My Mom is so helpful! I can’t even list all the things that she does to help and support me and sometimes, I know I could be more loving toward her. See my previous post here about Moms and Daughters. It’s such a hard and difficult thing, the mother daughter relationship but I love it and I’m so glad to have my Mom.

9.Coffee, grateful for coffee! I know people say it’s not good for you, blablabla, I know that my 84 year old grandparents all drink it everyday and they’re all healthy and strong, so I’m going to continue to drink my coffee! Do you have a favorite kind of coffee?? Share it with me!

10. HALLOWEEN!! One of the top 5 best days of the year for kids! My girls so love getting dressed up, trick or treating with friends, sneaking more candy than I would ever let them eat, it’s just the best. This year we are all going to be witches. Here’s a pic from last week at trunk or treat of all 4 witches. Enjoy your Halloween, enjoy the kids in their costumes and sneak your favorite candy at least 3 times 🙂

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