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I’m on a plane right now, leaving my favorite place on Earth, MICHIGAN….so sad to be leaving but so grateful for the experience. I’m sitting here a little stressed that I missed my Music Monday post yesterday but I was “on vacation” and I know how important it is to take time and relax, be with my girls and enjoy….

I had the chance to see my brothers this weekend! They are my step brothers technically but still so special to me. They came into my life when I was barely 3 years old, I don’t remember NOT knowing them. Yesterday, my brother Paul and his wife, and my girls and I went for a walk, a “leaf walk” my girls called it, because we were hunting for and collecting beautiful fall leaves. Walking with Paul felt like being a kid again. It felt safe and familiar. Just being in Michigan gives me that feeling. Do you have a place like that? I wonder if everyone has a place like that, a place they wish they could get back to. Are there people out there that never left that type of happiness and safety, and how do they feel?

As I listen to all the people on this plane expressing their excitement about going to sunny Florida and escaping the cold, I keep thinking, wow,  it sounds like I’m pretty lucky. I then think about this past weekend and all of the amazing experiences and I KNOW that I’m lucky…, here goes my gratitude list for the week! Feel free to post a comment and tell me what you’re grateful for today!

1. My amazing girls. I think they’ve been on every list so far! They are healthy, beautiful and so funny. I feel so warm and fuzzy inside when I kiss their soft little faces or hear them say how much they love me.

2. Chili on a cold fall day. I made chili yesterday and it was so good. After our “leaf walk” and coming in from the cold, my bowl of chili was THE BEST.

3. I have been making fun of snuggy’s forever. The infomercials are so silly and they look ridiculous, UNTIL….it’s below 40 degrees and you can’t get warm, I tried one this past weekend, AMAZING!!! Here’s my trusty link if you want to buy your own! Buy your snuggy HERE! I’m definitely getting one for my house!

4. Grateful for LOVE…, sappy huh? I have spent my whole life thinking that love songs were stupid and that romance wasn’t real. I didn’t really think it wasn’t meant for me, I just thought it didn’t actually exist. All I can say is….it does…it exists and I am ever so grateful that I now know that.

5. APPLES! I had the chance to eat FRESH Honey Crisp apples grown in Michigan this weekend. Even my brother, who has lived there his whole life, was eating one of these apples and thought it was one of the best ever, YUM…..

6. Kids gaming systems of all kinds! Nintendo DS, Ipod touch, Kindle Fire …. you name it, my three kids are completely entertained right now on the plane, these aren’t the healthiest things day in and day out but during a 2 hr time period where they can’t move, LOVING IT!

7. How about grateful for air travel! This trip could be 4 days in the car but instead it’s just 2 and half hours! FANTASTIC!!

8. Uggs! I love wearing uggs and we don’t get much chance in Florida. They are like the wearing slippers, warm, soft and they look so funky cool….

9. My Mom! Free drop off and pick up from the airport and she’s watching my girls tonight while I go to work, I seriously could not live without her…

10. Hot tubs in cold weather! I haven’t stepped foot in a hot tub in 40 degree weather in many many years, I can’t believe I braved it but I did! My girls loved it too…..It feels like heaven to have your head and face in the freezing cold air but the rest of your body in hot water, so amazing!

Well, that’s it for this week and you know what? I feel better! I was really sad when I started out this list and now, I’m almost ready to go home and even to head to work and see all the patients that I love to see, get some good hugs and help them to feel better and be grateful for their week too, feel free to tell me what you are most grateful for today, I’d LOVE to know 🙂  Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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