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I am grateful for this blog today because it was really hard to get moving this morning. I’m heading up to my home state on Friday, with my girls and I am so excited that the next three days of waiting are like TORTURE!! So, it’s really important when I’m feeling unmotivated to be GRATEFUL. Having gratitude can also help with depression. I was super sad last weekend for whatever reason so, I started my gratitude list … AND …. it makes it hard to stay down when you see all the good things in your life! So, here’s my list for today, feel free to comment by letting me know what you’re grateful for this week, I would love to know and it will brighten my day! Sending you LOVE <3 !

1. So grateful to be going up to my home state of Michigan this weekend during the beautiful FALL!!! My girls have never seen a season and this will be the perfect weekend for them to feel the cold air ( probably the coldest these FL girls have ever felt! ) see the leaves, see a REAL pumpkin patch, go to the apple orchard and drink cider…. I AM OVER THE MOON!!

2. Vitamin D3, are you taking it everyday?? I am so grateful for it, because when I’m down, I load up on it and it’s nothing short of amazing how much it helps! D3 is a requirement for our bodies!! I can’t tell you how many patients of mine, who are suffering with depression, fatigue and even gum disease, get relief from D3. I send them for blood work, it comes back showing Vitamin D3 deficiency so often.  We, as humans used to spend a lot of time out in the sun, but in today’s world, we simply don’t get enough outdoor activity and we become deficient in D3 very quickly. I have it on hand at all times….I take 4000 IU’s a day but if you’re deficient, you may need even more. I recommend that if you’re concerned about how much you might need, make an appointment to see me OR go to your Primary Care Physician and get tested, then make sure you’re getting enough!

3. My UV light for my nails!! Have you been to the nail place and had shellac put on your nails yet?? I’m obsessed. It stays on my toes for up to 6 weeks and it’s amazing. On my nails, it only stays for 1-2 weeks but that’s a lot longer than regular old nail polish! Instead of paying $40 for the nail tech to do it, I bought the light, click on the link above to check it out. I bought the gelish polish and I do them myself! Worth every penny! I did this yummy fall color over the weekend, it’s a brown color but with a purply/blue hint and it’s so awesome! Perfect for the fall…..

4. I am grateful for my juicer! I wrote a post last week about juicing but I can’t say enough about it. I made a huge jar full of yummy juice this morning with all of the amazing produce that I bought this past weekend! Grateful!!

5. KALE, yes, I’m grateful for Kale. It’s in season right now and it’s amazing. My favorite is the Lacinato , it makes the best juice and it was fresh from the farm yesterday at my favorite market!

Is that not gorgeous stuff! It’s in the cabbage family and the best part about it is that dark, rich, yummy, green color that you see! Kale is super rich in chlorophyll and chlorophyll is like liquid gold. It assists the body in the detoxification process by encouraging the growth of good bacteria and inhibiting the growth of the bad bacteria, as well as inhibiting growth of fungus and other micro-organisms that cause illness. From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, Kale is sweet, warm and slightly bitter. It helps to strengthen the Spleen and Stomach, thereby strengthening digestion and draining dampness. Kale has actually been shown in research studies to quell the symptoms of Stomach and Duodenal Ulcers. Get yourself a juicer ( I put a link to my favorite one in number 4!)  and some Kale today!

6. As always, I’m grateful for my amazing baby girls! They are so perfect in every way. There is nothing better than kissing their soft little cheeks and on my way out of Skyler’s room last night, she said ” Mommy, you are the best mommy in the entire universe” Are you kidding me?? What could be better!

7. I am grateful for the chance to go car shopping!! Can you believe that at almost 40 and I’ve never shopped for a car? Nope, my Mom bought my first 3, well, I bought the first one, but I didn’t exactly shop for it, long story… was a Pinto….even longer story…..anyway, then my ex bought all the cars since then and yesterday, by MYSELF, I went car shopping! It was awesome, I test drove one and I so want to buy it! In the next few weeks, I will be updating you on the search and the potential buy, so exciting! I feel like a real grown up!

8. This one is tough but oh so true. I am grateful for all of the traumatic and exhausting health problems that I have lived through in my life. 3 surgeries on my elbow, including a full reconstruction, gall bladder removal ( wish I would’ve known about natural medicine back then!) debilitating digestive issues, severe reactions to many pharmaceuticals, the list goes on and on. This morning, one of patients came in and she is SUFFERING. She is experiencing much of what I lived through.  I am so grateful to say that I am healed and stronger for what I’ve been through because it is the reason that I am able to help this person and so many others by steering them in the right direction to what WILL WORK and what will help them in their healing process.

9. I am grateful for KIND BARS! Absolutely in love love love…..they get a little pricey, especially with 3 little ladies eating them too but, if you click on the link provided above, it will take you to where I’ve found them at a solid $4-5 cheaper per box. They are healthy and absolutely delish….

10.  Acupuncture …. not only has it helped me with depression and anxiety but now, it’s officially the platform of my life. I do somewhere in the realm of 50-70 treatments per week and see so many people who just LOVE IT. I’ve been treating an 11 yr old boy for the past few weeks and his results have been nothing short of amazing. I love this healing modality and I’m SO GRATEFUL that I’ve found it and been able to use it in my life!

Thanks for reading my oh so grateful list! Please please, leave a comment telling me what you’re grateful for…..can’t wait to see!! Have a fabulous Tuesday…

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