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Happy Tuesday Morning! On Tuesdays, I really love to sit down and do a gratitude list for the week. Tuesday is my Monday because I start my work week on Tuesdays. My clinics are open Tuesday through Saturday right now and I LOVE LOVE starting off the work week GRATEFUL. If your work week starts on Monday, you could do a Mindful Monday grateful list and over time, you will have so many positive lists to draw from that even on the WORST Monday, you can look back at your lists and find something to smile about!

That said, here’s my list for this week!

1. My gorgeous girls!! During my weekend off, we swam together, walked together, decorated for Halloween together, took a candlelit hot bubble bath together, went out to dinner together, we just LOVED on each other, I live for these precious angels!

2.HOT YOGA!! I went to a 90 minute hot class at A yoga village, have you been?? It’s my favorite studio locally, I feel recharged.

3. My workouts!! I went to the gym and did a solid 45 minute cardio over the weekend. I’m not afraid to admit that I have struggled with depression and anxiety my entire life and when I don’t get a workout, I feel tense, restless and even start to feel anxious. When I burn off that excess energy, I feel so much better.

4. My period. What? Did I really say that?? Yes, I really did and I will do more posts about this, probably right an entire blog about it and YES, I said that I’m grateful for my period! The reality is that our cycles are uber important!! If we aren’t cycling normally, there is something OFF. Without my period, I never could’ve created my babies and I have learned to be grateful and not negative for the beautiful thing that IS my femininity!

5. Delish food….I so went off my healthy diet this weekend! Probably due to number 4 on the grateful list, hee hee 🙂 !!  Regardless, I am grateful for the junk food that I LOVE to get off track with….and of course grateful for getting back on track as well!

6. My green juice that gets me back on track after number 4 and 5 on this list!

7. I’m grateful for my love…he is gentle, kind, handsome, motivating and amazing and he has taught me so much about LOVE and has shown me more love than I could’ve ever imagined! His love for me and for my girls has brought me so much joy.

8. MUSIC!! This weekend, I sang and then I sang and then I sang some more!! It raises dopamine and just makes life worth living! It can change your mood or remind you of another day and time….I will do another post this week, in my songs section, can’t wait to share my favorite music with you as time goes on!

9. Nature! I am grateful for views of nature, the smell of pine and the sounds of birds and breezes.  I’ve been highly aware of color and beauty within nature this past weekend….probably because of number 4 AGAIN!! Did you know that research shows that women see color differently and more vibrantly when they are having their period? Yup…so cool…

10. Pumpkin stuff 🙂 I love this time of year!! I love the smell of the fall candles, the pumpkin smoothie recipes and the cinnamon that is EVERYWHERE…..LOVE the fall!

That’s it for this Tuesday’s gratefulness, my gratituesday is complete, make your list today!! It will make you smile 🙂

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