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Music MONDAY!!

I am feeling empowered and today’s Music Monday song is about being EMPOWERED and I’m remembering my late friend and patient Mark who used to sign his emails “Love, Mark (roaring). ” He was fighting ALS, a losing battle, but he envisioned himself as a lion and he was ROARING.

I spent last weekend at a community acupuncture conference that was so inspiring. It’s going to help me build and build my already amazing biz. I believe in Acupuncture to the depths of my soul, because I’ve had it work for me time and time again and because I watch it work for people every day. I believe in what I do and I LOVE what I do. It’s not about ME, it’s not about the all-mighty dollar, it’s about being of service to my community, it’s about helping people!

I have been “paying” to have my books done since I opened, not with my money but with my guilt, and I am taking them OVER! Big step for me, and at nearly 40, I can handle it and I will be the BEST book keeper EVER….with no guilt. I am responsible and capable, time to do it myself!

I am also making some big changes at the clinic within the next month or two, if you come in you will see the changes, better hours, ones that work for me and my girls and I believe that I will be even busier because of it. I am going to start scheduling patients every 10 minutes instead of every 15 and squeeze in more peeps….

You will begin to see some information about volunteering at the clinic because I am willing to say, I NEED SOME HELP, that’s what community is all about, helping each other, holding each other up…

The bottom line is that big changes are scary and sometimes they really push us out of our comfort zone. In the past 2 years I’ve made some big changes, HUGE CHANGES, and I’m going to make a lot more because I not only see and FEEL that I’m strong and capable, I BELIEVE IT. Getting strong and empowered is terrifying but once you make it over the hurdles and the tears stop, you’ve achieved greatness.

I’m in a pop music, cheesy mood, so here’s some pop cheese that is my current theme song and I LOVE IT. All 3 girls sing it together at the top of their lungs in the car when it comes on, they have no idea how strong they will have to be someday. The good thing for them is that I will be here for them through it all, holding them up, through all circumstances…..and I LOVE to hear them all sing together.

Know when you hear this one, that my girls are singing LOUD, better than Katy Perry 🙂 and I AM TOO ( well, I’m not better than Katy Perry but my girls are!)  This is a great, empowering song. Listen and get fired up to make big changes in your life too, make your life work FOR YOU, instead of you working for your life! Have a great week…

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