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Music Monday!

MUSIC MONDAY!!  I just came home from choir practice, which I hate to go to, but LOVE IT when I spend an hour singing……Music is my soul!!!

I have so many stories and this is one of my favorite stories to tell…

I am crazy superstitious and I totally fall for and believe in any signs that come my way. So, naturally when something crazy weird happens, like a small world occurrence, I’ve had some of those that just AMAZE ME to this day, I go bananas and I believe it’s a sign from the heavens, or a beautiful spirit that is letting me know it’s still around. 🙂

The story is set in L.A. in the late 90’s. The story goes that I’m living in Los Angeles and I’m pretty depressed. I lived in a studio apartment, I was doing well as far as work and money go but I was LONELY. I was looking for connection with anything and anyone. I met this incredibly beautiful spirit named Jessica at a work related meeting. She was tremendous. A full head of black curls, thin, tall, bohemian, peace maker. I so wanted to be in her presence. One day she called me and invited me over to her apartment ,in Burbank, for lunch. On the day that our lunch was scheduled, I was feeling exceptionally sad and missing my Mom and Michigan.

I took the 30 minute drive from Hollywood to Burbank and on the way, I was so weepy. I was thinking about my Mom and home and just missing her to the depths of my soul. I arrived at Jessica’s apartment and it was BEAUTIFUL. The morning sunlight just beamed into her place. There were fresh flowers everywhere and incense burning, it was a chilly day but bright and sunny. Then, there was the music….

I almost couldn’t stop myself from crying, this music she was playing was familiar to me but I couldn’t place it. It made my eyes well up and made me miss my Mom even more, even though, I had never heard it before.

I finally asked her, kind of embarrassed, who the singer was, she was SHOCKED! She said, it’s Joni Mitchell! Don’t you know Joni Mitchell? I had no idea who that was but I played it off well. I just couldn’t quite figure why it was making me feel so emotional, and how could that be? I had never heard it before…

Several hours later, I was home at my lonely apartment and I called my Mom. I was telling her about my day and how I’d been so emotional and missed her so. I then mentioned this strange music that this girl played and told her the story about it. She said and I quote ” Oh Kasie, was it the Blue album? I listened to that album when I was pregnant for you over and over again. Of course, it was familiar and it made you miss me….I don’t think I could hear Joni Mitchell’s voice without crying and thinking of you. ”

You can imagine that I have since never forgotten Joni Mitchell and in fact, I love her Blue album most of all. On a sunny cold day, I still love to listen to it and picture my beautiful pregnant Mom, in her apartment in Petoskey. Life wasn’t easy for her then but I’m so grateful that she gave me life and I love me some BLUE…..

I couldn’t decide which song on this album was my fave, the are all my favorites!! However, because I missed music Monday last week, I figure I will put two songs form the Blue album in this post…..Joni is amazing and I love this music, it evokes so much emotion in me….sit and enjoy….

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