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Music Monday!

It’s late on Monday night, my kids are all in bed and I spent all day being so crazy busy and waiting for a song to come to me that I was really feeling today! There are so many thousands to choose from and I had to go with my mood…..

Mondays are my most productive day. I get everything done before going back to work tomorrow…

I had a fabulous workout today at the gym. I do NOT enjoy my gym workouts until about 25 minutes into them and music makes it bearable for me to get through. This song always gets me moving! I think I played it at least 3 times during my 45 minute cardio today!

One thing you will see from this blog is how vast my music love truly is. I’m going from Kenny Loggins last week to Florence and the Machine this week! 🙂 I was first introduced to Florence and the Machine by one of my best friends, Melonie ( THE BEST),  it was a few years ago when I was going through my divorce, at the very beginning stages, and she and her awesome hubby Gene were so good to me. One night, I realized that whatever music Mel had been playing had uplifted my mood and made me feel empowered. Music can have that effect!! She was shocked to learn that I had never been exposed to Florence and the Machine! I’ve since become a huge fan….

Here is one of my favorites from the first album of theirs that I downloaded….I hope you enjoy it, the words are FANTASTIC, especially if you have a hot love affair in your life!

By the way, dancing is exercise and it’s so good for your soul, I’m absolutely about to dance to this one!

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