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Using Natural Medicine to Treat the Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

I hear the following questions almost daily in my clinic.

1) Can Acupuncture help me with anxiety and depression?

2)What natural or herbal supplements are helpful?

3)Can I use natural medicine in conjunction with Prescription medications and western medical treatments?

The answer to all 3 questions is ABSOLUTELY!! Acupuncture, herbal remedies, the food you eat, and daily lifestyle changes can make a life changing difference in the severity of your anxiety and/or depression.

I have suffered with chronic anxiety since I was a child, did you know that my anxiety is precisely what led me into this career path? Acupuncture and natural medicine changed my life, when I was 23 years old. It stopped my panic attacks. It made me feel “calm” for the first time in my life, it’s why I named my clinic “Calm Community Acupuncture.” 

I have also been plagued with Depression, at different levels of severity, on and off, most of my life. I find that food, herbal remedies, and some really important daily activities have made the biggest difference on this front. 

On February 9th, at 2PM, I’m offering a one and half hour seminar totally dedicated to this topic. It will be held at Calm Community Acupuncture. I will present you with information about treating Depression and Anxiety Naturally, but we will also have a nice long Q and A session, where you get to ask the questions and get the answers, right then and there. 

I want to share my story and my success with you! I want to hand you this information, so that you can feel empowered to take this on and improve your life, naturally.  I will explain to you how Acupuncture can help you, I will tell you which herbal remedies are the best, and I will even address how to use natural medicine as a compliment to your current treatments.

February 9th 2PM ,$40 per person, at Calm Community Acupuncture. 

In order to attend, you need to be on the list, we have limited space. Please email me, if you want to join us! 

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