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Hypnopuncture for weight loss!

When I became an Acupuncture Physician, I never saw myself helping people with weight loss. I thought I’d be treating pain and chronic illness. However, what I’ve discovered, after 15 years in this career, is that having extra weight on the body causes pain and chronic illness, across the board. My desire to make progress in healing my patients has led me to a desire to get to the root of the weight loss struggle.

I’ve seen people do the all smoothie diets, the whole 30, paleo, keto and I’ve seen them lose weight, but then I watch them struggle as the weight comes back on, after they’ve gone back to eating “real food.” Restrictive diets are not sustainable or realistic. So, what is the solution?

The answer to that question, the solution to long term, successful weight loss is to see  junk food and overeating as the drug that it is. We are using food to cope with stress, with grief, and with everyday struggles that need soothing. Honestly, over eating is no different than smoking cigarettes when it comes to habits and addiction.

This said, I knew we had to start approaching weight loss from an emotional perspective first, and that’s where the idea of hypnosis comes in. Using hypnosis we can literally guide you into changing your relationship with food. Acupuncture regulates your edocrine system, balancing your hormones and regulating your thyroid, while promoting relaxation. Putting Acupuncture and hypnosis together, “hypnopuncture,” combines two powerful modalities to help transform your struggle with weight loss for good.

Our 6 week weight loss program promotes relaxation, it includes unlimited acupuncture treatments, private and group hypnosis sessions, and guidance in the areas of nutrition and mindfulness. Encouraging mindfulness around food and eating habits is a powerful tool.

Tonight, at 7PM, and next week, we are offering a chance for you to come in, experience hypnopuncture and hear more about our upcoming 6 week weight loss program.

We still have room for tonight’s introduction seminar, it’s $75 per person, and there is no obligation to join our program.

Tonight, May 24th, 7PM

Next week, Wednesday, May 30th, 7PM

Email Kasie at if you’d like us to save you a chair!

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