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Intros Thursday May 24th or Wednesday May 30th, at 7PM, Hypno-puncture for weight loss!

Hypno-puncture for Weight-Loss

Are you ready for a life transformation? Would you like to lose 15-20 lbs in 6 weeks, or more? Our Hypno-puncture for weight loss program utilizes hypnosis and acupuncture to help you transform your relationship with food and live your best life!

Restrictive diets work in the short term, but starving yourself and going without the foods you love, isn’t sustainable. In our life transforming program, we will help you with food portioning, food choices, lifestyle techniques that promote weight loss, therapeutic hypnosis to help with emotional eating, AND unlimited acupuncture treatments to help you achieve optimal wellness!

On Thursday, May 24th and Wednesday, May 30th, at 7PM,  we are offering an introduction class for our upcoming 6 week program! The next program will run from June 4th to July 9th. The intro class is $75, you get acupuncture and hypnosis,  you’ll learn all about the program, meet the Acupuncture Physician, AND the Hypnotherapist, plus, have all your questions answered. You do not have to join the 6 week program just because you’ve attended an intro. The intro is simply an opportunity to learn more and experience what we do.

If you’re interested in learning more, just email or call us at 727-744-4245.

We hope to see you Friday night!

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