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Summer session of virtual gastric band for weight loss!

We have just completed our very first Virtual Gastric Band program, utilizing hypno-puncture for weight loss! This program exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome! Naturally, we’re ready to start another program and we’re looking for 6 people who want to be a part of something revolutionary in the weight loss field.

We are offering a 6 week intensive program that incorporates acupuncture and hypnosis for weight loss. Gary Urso is our clinical hypnotist, he works with each participant privately, and within the group, and helps them to explore their relationship with food. Gary also uses clinical hypnosis to provide the “virtual gastric band,” which has been proven to help patients eat less and feel satisfied. My role in the program is to work with each participant privately on their specific health goals. I recommend supplements, and do some food coaching, that can lead to greater success in the program. I also provide acupuncture during the group hypnosis AND unlimited treatments in the community clinic, during the duration of the program.

During the past 6 weeks, we’ve had 6 remarkable people participating in this process. One patient already has an actual gastric band, and it was not successful in her attempt to lose weight, long term. These 6 people have tried EVERYTHING to lose weight and the stories are just heart breaking, we’ve listened to their life struggles, and how food and being over weight has plagued them. I think we’re onto something with this program!

As I said before, the success of the program exceeded our expectations, we have one person who lost 35 lbs, however, it’s a man, and well, you know men can just think about losing weight and it happens! For the women in the group, all of them over 40, one lost 15 lbs and another lost 11, on her way to 15, in just 6 weeks! The other 3 also reached their personal goals and lost weight.

Here’s the thing, for weight loss to be sustainable, for it to last, and for the person to continue on their healthy path, the weight loss program that you choose, has to help you change your attitude and your thoughts about food. It has to change your relationship with food, for good. We know that restrictive diets don’t work long term, they work momentarily,while you’re depriving yourself. Then, you start eating “real food” again, and the weight comes back on, and usually double what you lost.

If you are suffering from food addiction, this group setting is ideal. For success in coping with any addiction, people require support and maintenance, this program provides that. This is an intimate group of just 6 people, for 6 weeks, focused on changing your views and habits around food, all while  feeling supported and surrounded by people who are right there with you.

This program is not a diet, it’s not restrictive, it’s a program that uses hypnosis to open your subconscious mind and change your views. It uses acupuncture to increase metabolism, balance hormones, and decrease cravings. It gets to the bottom of why you are coping with food, and gives you tools to help you change bad habits and start new, healthier thought patterns, around food. The best part of this program, which was unexpected, was the camaraderie within the group. We had people crying when it ended! We even had one person ask if she could do the program again. It was a wonderful, soul filling, life changing, experience for many of us.

A Testimonial 

“I cannot thank Kasie and Gary enough for such a great experience with hypno puncture/virtual gastric band program! First, I met amazingly kind and non-judgement people, who I now call my friends, in this group . I will forever stay in touch with each of them because this was MORE than a weight loss program; it was a transformation. I learned a lot about my relationship with food, and more importantly, I learned how to have a better relationship with food. Kasie gave us great information and so many incredible resources for us to use (if we wanted) to help us along with our food journey. Gary gave us deep connection to our sub conscience to explore and retrain our thinking as it relates to food. Both of them gave their hearts to us….and in return, we all felt very safe sharing our stories, our challenges and our victories. It was truly a gift that I gave to myself. AND, I lost 11 pounds and on my way to lose the last 15 pounds before summer!!! Thank you Kasie and Gary! xo”

The Summer Program!

We are starting a new 6 week program. This time, the group will meet on Tuesday evenings at 7PM, from June 13th to July 18th. Don’t panic if you need to miss one week, even two, we can work it out. We will again take 6 participants. We are offering 2 introduction sessions to give you a taste of what the program involves. The introductions will be offered on Tuesday, May 23rd and another on Tuesday, May 30th, both of these intro classes are at 7PM.  The introduction classes are $75, they last about an hour and half and you’ll get an over view of program, meet Gary and myself, learn more about what we’re doing, even get an acupuncture treatment and a taste of hypnosis.

The introduction classes are filling up quickly, we will take 6 people in each one, and then we will choose 6 people to join our 6 week program. If you are interested in attending one of the introduction sessions on May 23rd or May 30, let us know by sending an email to OR call the clinic at 727-744-4245.

We are looking forward to another successful program!

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