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Supplements you can feel great about!

I’ve heard that the supplement industry is anywhere from a $17-23 billion dollar industry. I absolutely hate having an inventory of supplements in my clinic, people want them, then they don’t, they expire, they sit on the shelf or just when I need something, it’s gone, and I have to reorder. I’m not a fan of multi vitamins, as the majority of them are not absorbed and so many of them have synthetic aspects that do more harm than good.

One of the things that irritates me the most about the industry in general is the discrepancy between what’s natural and what’s synthetic, some of the synthetic supplements can actually cause more harm than good!

Finally, it makes me sad when people who are struggling with their health and want to get better, go to a “vitamin store” or a “natural health” type of store and spend double, even triple what they would spend on amazon, one of the best places to buy the good stuff, at good prices.

So, to help you out, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite supplements, things that I take or have taken and products that i really believe in.

Supplements you can feel GREAT about!

  1. The number supplement that almost everyone needs to be taking is Vitamin D3. We get it naturally from the sun but many of us don’t get enough. Over 80% of America is D3 deficient and not getting enough causes depression, thyroid disorders and can even make us more susceptible to certain cancers. We need at least 2000 IU’s per day, but I prefer to take 5000 IU’s, in a capsule. I give it to my children too. Click here to see my favorite product.

  2. B-complex I prefer that people take raw food supplements and B vitamins are so important! This is the one that I take and I can’t recommend it enough. This is an example of a supplement that is best taken in raw food form, which is why prefer the innate product, over a synthetic. 

  3. Listen, I don’t recommend taking Calcium supplementation, there’s too much research showing adverse side effects. You can read about that right here! This said, there are people who need to take certain medications to function. Steroids, for one, can make life bearable for people with chronic inflammatory diseases. If you MUST take a steroid long term, then you NEED to take calcium, it’s a risks vs. benefits thing. Click here to see the calcium that I would take, if I needed to take calcium. 

  4. Magnesium!!! This is as important for most people as Vitamin D3. You can go directly to see the product from this link here or if you want to you can Read more about it here!

  5. IRON!!! Oh my gosh, don’t get me started. Nearly all females are deficient in iron, due to our periods, childbirth, you name it! It’s hard for any of us to get “enough.” Meat, believe it or not, isn’t the BEST source and synthetic forms of it are gross, causing constipation and stomach upset AND being toxic to your liver! Plant based iron is the best, from dark leafy greens, from beets, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT and I’ve honestly taken it for years. It will boost your energy and it’s just good for you, over all.

  6. Hemp protein? This is my number one recommendation for feeling great. I put it in my smoothie everyday and it’s the best, most absorbable, plant based protein you can find. I prefer it over whey protein, as whey comes from dairy and unless you’re doing 2 hours of solid cardio per day, the chances of you burning off the calories in whey protein are about zero. Here’s my favorite hemp protein!

Email me anytime with questions or suggestions for other products that I can help you with. I love to see people take the right products for their specific body, and see how s little help can go a long way with how you feel everyday!

Have a great day today and an even better tomorrow!!

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