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Welcome Jocelyn, our new massage therapist!

Call us at 727-744-4245 to schedule massage today!!

30 minutes for $35, 60 minutes for $65, or 90 minutes for $95

Jocelyn has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 6 years. She was inspired to pursue a career in Massage Therapy and Bodywork as a result of her passionate drive to help others feel better naturally. She loves working with people, being active and facilitating a perspective that honors the bodies innate ability to heal itself. Jocelyn uses a wide range of techniques in her practice of Massage Therapy including but not limited to Swedish, NMT, Reflexology, Trigger point release, Myofascial release, Sports massage and Hot Stone. She appreciates the wide scope of technique and modalities that can be applied in customizing a massage session to suit the individual being treated, and most of all she loves that there is always room to learn and grow as a massage therapist and no two massages are ever the same. Jocelyn is a proud mother of two children. Her son is 19 years old and her daughter is 10. Some of her personal interest are holistic based health and nutrition, yoga, cooking, live music, travel, nature, kayaking and sun setting !

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