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Who’s Needling You???

Posted by our friends at Binvested on Nov 21, 2011

Find the blocked meridians…tap in the needles…AND…aaahhh, decompress both physically and mentally. That’s Acupuncture. It can be very therapuetic and treat many different ailments with regular visits, however frequent visits can be quite costly.

So, please welcome to the village Kasie Carlson, with a new innovative way of administering Acupuncture to her patients. It’s a group treatment room and payment is on a sliding scale based on what you can afford. When Kasie, an Acupuncture Physician for seven years, decided to open this type of clinic, there was no question of where. Lucky for us villagers, we’re just a few minutes away from gettin’ our zen on. I was just discussing this yesterday with Alicia, pictured here getting her needling session, who drives in from Palm Harbor.

Please check out the pulse of this place, and get your Chi moving in the right direction.

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