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Get poked and do it often….

I think I’ve posted the story before about my first ever acupuncture treatment. Read my story HERE.  After years of being abused by Western Docs, Acupuncture made me feel AMAZING, really amazing. It calms me to this day, the minute the needles go in, I feel heavy and deeply relaxed.

There are endless articles on google about how acupuncture doesn’t work, or that there isn’t any research to prove it, or that it’s just placebo. That’s just total craziness, I know it is because I know what I feel and what I see in my clinic every day. When people are done with their treatment, they are so blissed out…..I call it being acustoned……they walk out to the reception area, eyes glassed over and in total bliss…and they say, ” wow, I feel so calm…” and when I say “you’re acustoned,” they crack up laughing, even though they already have a permagrin.

So, the crazies can write all they want about how it doesn’t work, I know it DOES.

The more that you do it, the better it works. Why does it work? Blood flow, pure and simple, in my humble opinion. You can talk “qi” you can talk yin and yang, go ahead, that’s fine, you talk, I’m busy invigorating blood in people. Yup, that’s pretty much all I’m doing, moving blood and moving blood feels GOOD, ask a runner, ask a yogi, as any exercise guru if increasing blood flow is a good thing. Our blood is LOADED with goodness and when you get it moving, you feel GOOD.

I’m just going to lay out my two favorite stories for today, I have so many but I will pick my favorite two, acupuncture success stories….

A woman came in struggling with infertility. Her Doctor, an endocrinologist, has told her that she isn’t ovulating. A few months back she took clomid but it didn’t work, no ovulation. She had an ultrasound of her ovaries and it didn’t look promising. The Doctor speculated that she had never ovulated and it was just something that was “wrong with her body.” This woman also disclosed that she had only had her period 5 times in her life and that it had been close to a year since she had a period. The Doctor told her that donor egg in-vitro would be her only option for having a child. Okay, I can spend oodles of time doing Chinese Medical diagnosis, blablabla…..OR I can give her acupuncture and lots of it. After her first treatment, she started her period the next morning, NO JOKE. That really sounds like a stretch, I know but it’s TRUTH. We spent the next 9 months attempting to get a “cycle” going, regular periods would be the first goal on the list. The story is too long to go into every detail but I want to tell you that this woman now has 2 children, no clomid, no IVF, no donor egg, JUST ACUPUNCTURE….yup. I love that one.

Here’s one more little story that just makes me smile. A woman in her 50’s calls me and asks if I think Acupuncture could help her 75 year old Mom. Well, duh, you know my answer. Her 75 year old Mom is in perfect health. She feels great but she has pain in the back of her knee that is so severe, she can hardly walk. She’s had x-rays and MRI’s and they all show NOTHING. Her knee looks fine in the scans and they offer her narcotic medication, of course. Well, the narcotics made her constipated and gave her terrible heart burn. She began having trouble sleeping and the story goes on and on that the Docs just continued to medicate and she ends up in a wheel chair. After 2 weeks in the wheel chair, feeling desperate, they call me. They come in and I give her one treatment, in her wheel chair. I’m not kidding you when I tell you that she not only WALKED out of here, but she now walks in and OUT twice a week, every week and is off all medication. YUP. ACUPUNCTURE!

So, say you’re afraid of needles, okay, they’re not needles, so stop being afraid…..they’re little mini pins and they do not cause pain. Say you have a limited income, okay, we work on a sliding scale of $15-40, that’s it, pay what you can.  JUST GET ACUPUNCTURE.

What’s your struggle? Insomnia, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, sinus congestion, YOU NAME IT. Get poked, please, just try it! If you don’t live in the Tampa Bay area, go to for a clinic near you. If you are in this area, come see me. If you can’t find something on POCA, then let me know and I will try to help you find something because more people getting acupuncture means more people getting acupuncture and that’s what I’m attempting to achieve.

Happy Wednesday!

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